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Sortie de Buildroot 2010.11

Le 02/12/2010 à 10:42

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Comme prévu, la nouvelle version de Buildroot, la 2010.11 est sortie mardi soir. Les changements principaux sont les suivants :

  • Experimental crosstool-NG backend for the toolchain handling. Long term, this is expected to replace our internal toolchain handling.
  • Updated Kconfig infrastructure (from 2.6.36) with savedefconfig and nconfig support. We now also create a convenience Makefile wrapper in the output directory for out-of-tree builds (make O=<dir>).
  • Old-style package hooks (*_HOOK_POST_*) removed. Use the more generic new-style ones instead.
  • Download handling reworked and support for git/svn downloads added.
  • Support for ARM Cortex A9 and Sparc LEON variants added. Support for Alpha, Cris, IA64 and Sparc64 (deprecated in 2010.08) removed.
  • New packages: argp-standalone, gdk-pixbuf, gpsd, gst-ffmpeg, libmpeg2, kbd, librsvg, nuttcp, rng-tools, rrdtool and xz - Removed packages: dillo, libglib12, libgtk12, microwin and pcmcia

On peut retrouver plus d'informations sur le CHANGELOG. Ça me fait penser que j'ai toujours de prévu le portage de mpd sur buildroot, je n'ai toujours pas eu le temps de m'y mettre ...

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